We are The Massage People, delivering top class massage to homes, hotels and offices throughout London. Our therapists enjoy the best benefits in the industry, as well as access to our large client base and superb earnings. We take care of everything for you, from finding clients to taking your bookings, leaving you free to simply do what you do best!

How It Works

availabilitySet your own availability and coverage area

bookingsYou will then start receiving new bookings

get paidAttend the booking and get paid there and then

Why Us?

Large and regularly active client base

Portable massage table optional

Choose when and where you work

24/7 company support & assistance

Extensive company safety measures



Full time therapists can earn over £1000 per week, depending on how often you're available. Those who work late hours earn even more as rates are higher. Therapist rates are as follows:
(7am – 10:30pm) 60 MINS: £35 - 90 MINS: £45 - 120 MINS: £60
(11:30pm – 01:30am) 60 MINS: £65 - 90 MINS: £85 - 120 MINS: £100
(01:30am – 06:30am) 60 MINS: £100 - 90 MINS: £125 - 120 MINS: £150
##If you carry a treatment table you are paid an additional £10 per booking, on top of the above rates## Bookings in certain areas also pay you an additional travel supplement of up to £15
Yes, the agency knows where you are at all times and we process all bookings through our own software which records the customers IP address among other details. Our software also has a safety feature which allows you to check in to bookings from your phone when you arrive. You don't have to check in to every appointment when you arrive, but for the ones that you do, an alert will be triggered and sent to both the company and your chosen emergency contact if you fail to check out after a certain amount of time. At this point, we will be immediately attempting to make contact with you and your customer to make sure everything is OK.
You can choose. If you do provide a mobile treatment table you are paid £10 extra per massage. If you don't, that's fine too. As this role involves travelling on public transport such as buses and tube it is not always practical to carry a table around with you. Also, not every client has room for a treatment table, particularly those staying in certain hotels. We have thousands of clients who are used being massaged without a treatment table, so either way it will not affect your ability to get clients. Y
For therapists who don't carry massage tables, the best place to perform the massage is on the client’s mattress. Some therapists carry yoga matts with them as well for clients who prefer to be on the floor.
Our mobile app allows you to be in total control of your availability. Using our app you will have access to your own personal calendar and you are free to set your own days and hours, as well as holidays and lunch breaks. You can also block post codes you don’t want to cover. The system works in real time and is easy to use, so you can switch your availability on and off whenever you want to. In our opinion, no other company offers the freedom and flexibility that we do.
Yes, but don’t worry, it’s extremely quick and easy to do online and we will help you every step of the way. Being self-employed means you pay less tax and you only have to declare your earnings online once a year. That is all it involves.
We are a well marketed and busy agency so you will have plenty of bookings. The number of bookings you get can depend on how large your coverage area is and how many hours you work, but you will be kept busy within the hours you set.
Yes! We will get you up and running in no time and help you every step of the way. The paperwork is very simple and everything is processed online, so you can be earning in just a matter of days.
Yes! If your CV is not that strong but you are still passionate about helping people through massage and feel you have good skills we still want to hear from you. We get special rates at London massage schools and can help you complete one day workshops and other useful training exercises too. You need to do a trade test before you can join and we tend to base our skill requirements on how you perform in this.
Our interview process has 3 stages: 1) Telephone Interview 2) Trade test 3) Face to face interview The massage demonstration is no longer than 30 minutes. The interview process from 1 to 3 is usually complete in a few days.
We are looking for reliable, honest and punctual people who are comfortable with travelling in London and most of all are passionate about massage and enjoy helping clients through massage. We pride ourselves on being supportive of our therapists and enjoyable to work for. When our therapists are happy it means our clients are too!
We do not enforce mask wearing on therapists as we know they can make it difficult to perform a treatment. On the app you set your preference for mask wearing to yes or no, client's then choose when they book whether or not they require a therapists who can wear a mask throughout their massage. So for example, if you set your mask setting No but a client states they want a therapist with a mask, then you will not be available to that client. This way, both client and therapist have a choice.