Mobile Massages in the heart of eclectic Clapham

Clapham is fast becoming a must-be spot in London, trailing quickly behind Camden for its reputation as “young and trendy” and now ever since Massage People got business up and running in Camden with its mobile massage services, it’s now more than ever the place to be… especially if what you crave more than anything is some rest and relaxation and a good old destress.

Massage People offers a range of mobile massages from Swedish Massages to Deep Tissues Massages and you never have to leave your Clapham office, hotel room or home to avail of these great services. With a pool of qualified therapists to choose from, your massage comes directly to your chosen Clapham location.

We also offer excellent corporate rates so staff can avail of instant destress massages during a tough day at the office.


What you get when you book a mobile massage with us

  • We’re flexible – Life isn’t 9-5 and either are we so that’s why we have a flexible team of masseuse who operate according to your schedule and not the other way around – be it morning, noon or night
  • Spoiled for choice – Our therapists all come from varying backgrounds and cultures and bring with them a range of specialties and expertise in different types of massages
  • Only the best: We believe that you deserve the best and that’s why the massage therapists that work for us are the best of the best. Each of our therapists is vetted and goes through a trade test prior to beginning with us
  • Competitive prices: While massages are often seen as an indulgent way to relax, they also carry with them many health benefits and as such, our prices are as low as possible so that everyone can have a chance to access the healing properties of a massage. 
  • Easy online booking: We’re so over long forms to fill out for a simple massage. Booking our mobile massage services online is easy and takes less than 2 minutes. Plus you don’t need to worry about having cash as paying online is an easy option

Invest in you – the benefits of massages for the body and soul

A massage is not just about relaxing and de-stressing or a luxury that can only be enjoyed by the other half – while relaxation and destress are a great benefit of massages, in fact so much so that they are proven to be one of the most effective relaxation therapies, massage therapy has so many more benefits and advantages that may not be widely known.

Benefits of Clapham’s mobile massages

Suffer with poor circulation? A massage can help. Poor circulation can have very negative effects for a person including pooling of fluid in extremities, cold hands and fatigue but fortunately massages have proven to help counteract some of the unwelcome symptoms that come from poor circulation. The pressure created by the massage technique facilitates circulation because it allows blood to move through the congested areas. The release of this pressure then allows for the flow of new blood.

In desperate need of a good night’s sleep? A massage can help. During your mobile massage in Camden, tell your therapist about your sleep difficulties and they will tailor their massage to address this problem. Numerous research has shown that massages reduce pain and anxiety, thus increasing relaxation which in turn helps to return a balance to your sleeping pattern.

Want to boost your immunity? A massage can help. Massages help in building protective cells in your body to neutralise attackers like cancer and viral infections. In addition, those who suffer from high levels of stress are more susceptible to illness. Stress can lead to a weakened immune system and your ability to naturally protect itself against infections is compromised. As massages help to reduce stress this has a knock-on effect on reducing stress-related illnesses however, they also boost the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity, or the body’s natural ‘killer’ cells.


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What massage services are on offer in Clapham?

We offer an extensive menu of mobile massage services in Clapham. Among our client-favourite massages are:

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Registering takes a matter of seconds. Once you’ve registered you’ll get a stamp every time you book with us. Once you accumulate 8 stamps your next booking is free. Free bookings can be 90 mins long!

Simply book online using our exclusive, super easy booking system. After making your booking you will immediately receive a confirmation text message. Your therapist will also text you directly as a courtesy once she receives your booking.

We do not offer any sexual services or extras.

It’s entirely up to you, there is no pressure, we are here simply to relax you, not to stress you out. You will not be judged either way!

No. Our therapists are highly trained at performing massages on the floor or bed, this also allows your therapist to reach you on shorter notice and means you don’t need to clear out space for a table. Our therapists will usually carry a yoga mat with them as well. Some therapists can carry a table, if they can it will always be clearly stated in their profile description?

Your booking confirmation text message will contain a number for you to call should you need to cancel, you can also text your therapist directly if that’s more convenient.

For an oil based massage you should undress to your own level of comfort, some people prefer to be naked during their massage whilst others prefer to wear underwear.

Of course, massage is a personal experience and each therapist has their own individual style and having a preferred regular therapist is totally normal.

We are very proud to work with what we believe to be some of the very best massage therapists available in London today!

A lot of time and effort is expended vetting each one and each therapist goes through a very careful interview process before being selected to work with our team.

We also use a 100% independent review platform which means you can trust the feedback you read on our page!

1 Hour: £50
1.5 Hour: £70
2 Hour: £90

If you are a registered rewards member your automatically get £5 off 90 minute and 120 minute appointments.

Please note that a travel supplement fee may apply to some areas in zones 4, 5 and 6. Once you enter your post code in step 1 of our online booking page, the travel fee will be added to the price in step 3 automatically if applicable.

We are a mobile massage service operating in the city of London and Greater London. Our therapists will visit you at your home, hotel or office from zones 1 to 6.

To check whether or not we cover your area, go to our online booking page and enter your post code in step 1.

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Our therapists’ promise to you

Massage People in Camden aim to give their clients more choice than anyone out there so you can always check out the full range of massages available at Our therapists also believe in a personal approach to massage therapy so no matter which massage you choose, it will always have an element tailored specifically to you, it might be an area of your body in particular that needs extra work or maybe it’s to create a deeper sense of relaxation. Regardless of what it is you’re hoping to gain from your massage, our therapists are dedicated to ensuring your needs are met.

Booking your mobile massage in Clapham is easy as could be. Go online to, select your post code and how long a massage you require and the rest is up to us!

Working Hours

  • Monday 08:00 - 23:30
  • Tuesday 08:00 - 23:30
  • Wednesday 08:00 - 23:30
  • Thursday 08:00 - 23:30
  • Friday 08:00 - 23:30
  • Saturday 08:00 - 23:30
  • Sunday 08:00 - 23:30

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Google Review

Had an amazing massage from Anca. Booking system is very easy and had a masseuse over within an hour of booking!
Dhru Patel
Dhru Patel
22:24 15 May 19
Just had a massage from Vera. She was absolutely brilliant and made me feel totally at ease. Best massage I've had in ages. She turned up early and was just a lovely person. Booking on the site was really easy too. Highly recommend.
Kim Hughes
Kim Hughes
22:16 27 Apr 19
Clean and friendly! Love the massage that comes with!
Ale Garcia
Ale Garcia
10:23 16 Feb 19
I have been working for The Massage People for almost 2 years. I have over 10 years experience of working as a mobile massage therapist and having worked for quite a few agencies, I must say this one is the best I've ever worked for/with.The Massage People has got an excellent booking system! I can't stress enough how many clients have complimented the company on how easy it is to make a booking.Additional to that, the company is run by very friendly and professional people who are always willing to assist with whatever issues may come up. I highly recommend working for this company!Sylwia
Sylwia Gumienna
Sylwia Gumienna
10:15 29 Jan 19
great back, neck and shoulder massage. Felt really relaxed and stress free afterwards. Thanks
Val Morgan
Val Morgan
12:55 28 Dec 18
Had my first session today. I picked Vera and she was very good. She put nice music for me and focused on the spots I have problem with. Lovely full body massage, will definitely book again!
Cruenta Rogue
Cruenta Rogue
19:23 06 Jun 18
Spectacular, this was my second experience with this company and it was great. Anca, the therapist who came was very professional and experienced. She knew exactly where to insist more with the massage and what pressure to apply. The customer service very effective, in my first experience I had a small mishap and they solved it very quickly and in a very good way. I will certainly repeat soon!
isa garcia
isa garcia
20:32 22 Apr 18
My masseuse Heather was lovely! Not only did I receive an excellent massage, I also had a lovely chat with her. Highly recommended 🙂
Selina Bilgin
Selina Bilgin
21:02 16 Mar 18
Massage People are really professional and perfect for a self employed massage therapist such as myself. They are flexible so I could choose my own hours when to work, and received notifications of bookings with clear instruction and all necessary information provided. I am leaving as I have a job aboard a cruise ship but would recommend this agency to all massage therapists looking for flexible work and a high level of clientele.
11:01 23 Jul 17
I've booked 3 times now and it was excellent each time. I love the rewards program too. Highly recommend, they have great therapists and good cust services too. My appointment last night was particularly great for my poor shoulders, many thanks to Vera for her help!
Silver Zhao
Silver Zhao
09:51 19 Jul 17