Coronavirus Measures


Like many of you, we’ve been following the news of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic over the past few months. We’d like to reassure you by sharing some of the actions we’re taking in line with Public Health guidelines.


We’re communicating closely with our therapists


We’re asking our therapists to let us know immediately if they’re experiencing any flu-like symptoms, and to inform us if they’ve recently returned from an area of coronavirus concern. If we feel they pose any risk we will immediately suspend their profile until further notice. We’ll continue to update our advice according to the latest government guidance.


Safeguarding measures we have introduced


  1. Therapists have been instructed to wash their hands thoroughly for at least 30 seconds before and after all massages and at regular intervals throughout the day.
  2. When taking public transport they will be required to wear masks and single use hygiene gloves
  3. You can now state whether or not you require your therapist to wear a mask throughout the duration of their visit
  4. No head of face massage is permitted at the moment and pregnancy massage is also off limits.
  5. Any therapist who reports feeling unwell will immediately be removed from service until further notice


If you feel unwell


Please avoid booking with us if you’re sick. By abstaining from booking, you will protect not only your therapist but their future clients as well. Our therapists reserve the right to refuse to perform the massage if they believe you are exhibiting any covid like symptoms.



Thank you for your cooperation!