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Is it a legit Home Massage London service?

Okay, let’s get the corny jokes and sniggering out of the way first and foremost. There is nothing seedy or dodgy about a Home Massage London, you can be sure of that. This particular home massage service is simply a professional, qualified and insured masseusse service that travels to see you in your home, office or place of work to provide a therapeutic treatment.
This mobile massage in London is a very reputable service, with hundreds of satisfied customers, totally confidential and available to suit your own individual needs.

Home Massage London Treatments

In case you may need a little persuading, let’s tell you more about a Home Massage London. All treatments are provided by trained, professional and insured therapists, and cover a wide range of amazing massage treatments:-

Swedish Home Massage London

As a basis of all other types of Western massage, a Swedish massage can include deep tissue massage, sports massage and even aromatherapy massage. When you book a mobile massage in London, it’s possible to have a Swedish massage in 50-60 minutes, however it’s generally preferential to book a 90-120 minute session as this will allow the therapist to offer the full range of massage application that will serve your body best.

Mobile Deep Tissue Massage

If you play sports or are physically active, a Deep Tissue Massage would likely be your best choice for mobile massage in London. By kneading out any knots or discomfort in your body, you first feel relaxed and then once firmer pressure is applied, you will then feel rejuvenated. A Deep Tissue Massage is also recommended for relief from any mild strains, knots or pulls of any muscles.

Mobile Relaxation Massage

Perhaps the most popular treatment booked for a Home Massage London, a Relaxation Massage is all about you feeling blissfully happy. Using oils to massage the body, the therapist will increase oxygen flow and release toxins from the muscles, which leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised and invigorated by your mobile massage in London.

Home Massage London Specialist Massage

A specialist massage is exactly that – a bespoke treatment where you specify the areas of body you’d like to focus on, or if even perhaps mixed treatments.
With a mobile massage in London, you are the boss, and you can decide exactly what treatments work best for you, and of course, you can match a treatment to your budget.

Mobile Lomi Massage

A Lomi Lomi home massage is a flowing full-body massage, it comes from the Hawaiian Islands, and the therapist will work on your entire body at once using long flowing strokes which are designed to mimic the ocean current. It’s really an amazing experience.

When should I use a mobile massage in London?

Now you know about the range of treatments a mobile massage London can provide you, let’s now address the issue of just when you should have one. The easiest way to answer is to say – whenever you feel the need. That need could be stress at work, a mild sports injury, aches and pains from exercise or simply just to relax and feel rejuvenated.

As a mobile massage in London is convenient, terrific value (as low as £70 for 90 minutes), fully trained and insured, and also available at short notice, it’s recommended to book one initial appointment first to familiarize with the treatments that work best for you. The location does not really matter, as a mobile massage in London will come to you – be it at work, hotel room, office, gym or anywhere that suits you.

Even if you’re not sure what treatment to book from a mobile massage in London, why not start with the Relaxation Massage – as it’s the most popular. Book your Mobile Massage in London here!