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had gr8 massage wth Nailiah she's quite strong for her appearance very pleasant lady would recommend L
les austin
les A.
20:15 23 May 20
Great service, great value, great customer service
Manlio Fundarò
Manlio F.
08:44 23 May 20
Fantastic head to toe massage - so relaxed & all soreness disappearsThank you and see you next week Ella.Definitely the best therapist for my needs !!
Max Foster
Max F.
13:59 08 Mar 20
Alexandru Chiorescu
Alexandru C.
13:41 08 Mar 20
The therapist was punctual and did an amazing job at making me feel comfortable. She was very considerate of my needs and requests, as well as my home environment. Would book again.
Cecilia Passaniti Mezzano
Cecilia Passaniti M.
12:44 05 Mar 20
This service has been great for me as my chronic back condition stops me from going to get help externally.The website is great especially their loyalty program which is on point and worth looking at.Bookings are fairly easy to make and they seem very organised with it all.The therapists i have used so far have all been friendly and done a great job but i personally use Sylwia for my serious back problems and relaxation, she is 10/10 and one of the best there for sure and well experienced.Justyna is great too for relaxing massages and is very friendly too.I highly recommend.Conclusion...5 out of 5 with a professional punctual service yet friendly too.
14:54 03 Mar 20
Good massage therapists. It's just a shame they don't bring their own bed and that you have to keep.moving around on your bed so they can massage different areas. Also would be good if they brought towels and music and made it a bit more of an experience even if it's in your own home. Otherwise I would recommend. I was staying at my mums and they were able to come there. But they are not able to travel to my area so I am dissapointed with that.
Mamma Moosie
Mamma M.
10:33 03 Mar 20
Ive had plenty of massages from the massage people and a few not so great. But Ive had 3 massages from this lady in particular and let me tell you that you wont find a better masseuse than monika. She gives the best deep tissue massage in london....i can guarantee that. Amazing
Warren M
Warren M
12:47 28 Feb 20
Really easy booking process and great massages, never had a bad one. Two thumbs up.
Laurence Clack
Laurence C.
15:12 22 Feb 20
Absolutely fantastic massage from Ela - after a long week skiing I ached all over; but her incredible massage has made me feel amazing. Would highly recommend her, will be booking again very soon!
Mark Petch
Mark P.
21:32 10 Feb 20
Bernadett is wonderful. She always knows how to work out my kinks and sores. Great personality and a wonderful person overall.
Tamara Gál
Tamara G.
20:19 05 Feb 20
The massage therapists are self employed. It's like UBER for massage.I had one very good experience, which was my first experience with this company but the two other I booked basically messaged me saying they couldnt keep the time I wanted them so I cancelled. Once would be unfortunate, twice on the bounce shows that the therapists are basically self employed and want a life style that suits them. And more for them. But if a person wanting a service requires you at a time they want then dont be surprised if they cancel.
Naz Anderson
Naz A.
18:56 03 Feb 20
I continue to get great professional massage from this company .Lovely therapists and very reliable
Nick East
Nick E.
16:46 03 Feb 20
Great customer service! Wonderful massage. Highly recommend.
Lena Nolan
Lena N.
09:35 24 Jan 20
Excellent massage from Heather tonight. Exactly what I needed matched with the perfect level of pressure. Thank you
Scott Renton
Scott R.
23:19 21 Jan 20
I've used the team on many occasions and they never fail to disappoint. Friendly staff, always on time and always delivering amazing massages in the comfort of your hotel. What's not to like?
Wayne George
Wayne G.
06:24 21 Jan 20
Huge thanks to Monika for a fantastic two-hour deep tissue massage today. From the outset it was clear that she is very knowledgeable, well-trained and attentive. She instinctively knew how much pressure to apply and adapted it to my body e.g. I have an old knee injury. Well done to The Massage People too for an efficient and professional service and for valuing their employees.
Simon Bird
Simon B.
17:07 20 Jan 20
Jannawalai Keawwongsangearn
Jannawalai K.
12:26 12 Jan 20
It is probably the most authentic tasting pizza I have tasted next to Naples... No kidding I was doubtful at first but after being there once I am hooked 🤗
Jude Ventura
Jude V.
09:23 10 Jan 20
fantastic massage with Mara. thank you so much.
steve jackson
steve J.
16:46 09 Jan 20
The massage was very nice and relaxing!
Diana Dimova
Diana D.
22:22 04 Jan 20
I like the idea of getting a massage anytime of the day or night and anywhere. I ask for deep tissue massage, so the website gave me option of therapist who do deep tissu massage. But when the therapist came, she ask me what kind of massage I wanted and told me she don’t know deep tissue massage. The massage was ok but not what I was excepting and not exceptional. I will try again for sure with another therapist when I come back to London
Ruben Grande
Ruben G.
09:11 24 Dec 19
I forgot the name of Italian girl who massaged me but she is the best !
Marija Malenica
Marija M.
15:58 22 Dec 19
Booked a massage with Celina today and Really had a great massage today after a busy hectic week. she figured out the right pain areas and gave a good relaxing massage. Celina is professional and very friendly at the same time very charming. The Massage People is hassle free to book and would highly recommend The Massage People.
sanjay N
sanjay N
10:41 21 Dec 19
Excellent massage services direct to you
maurizio mallia
maurizio M.
23:05 08 Dec 19
Monika was fantastic. She listened exactly to what I wanted, checked in with me regularly and got all of the knots out of my back! She was fantastic, highly recommended. Thank you, Monika
Victoria Jackson
Victoria J.
21:10 08 Dec 19
I was after a strong deep tissue massage for my very tense back and neck cause by long hours sitting at a Desk. Monika saw me today and boy did she deliver! I get a lot of massage so I know a good deep tissue massage when I get one. Her technique and knowledge is excellent and she was able to hit all the problem areas quickly and effectively. On top she's a very lovely person and great company who makes you feel at ease. Highly recommended!
David Berger
David B.
15:53 08 Dec 19
Hayri Zafer
Hayri Z.
19:51 05 Dec 19
Easy to book hassle free. Have been using for over a year now. All the staff are experienced and good at what they do. I have always found to be punctual and professional. I would highly recommend The Massage People.
13:35 26 Nov 19
I want to say Thank you to Nia for the 90 minutes session with her was incredibly amazing and so relaxing...Nia.." You Are Gorgeous"
henry smith
henry S.
21:11 24 Nov 19
Great massage with Inma. She dealt with my foots tendency to cramp during massage by doing extra warm up on the problem muscle, really listened and tailored the treatment as needed.
Phillip Harris
Phillip H.
09:32 22 Nov 19
Great company and very well organised
Edward Turner
Edward T.
10:52 19 Nov 19
What an amazing massage from Janna, really got into the tight muscles and knots in my shoulders. This massage was just what I was after. Lovely masseuse, very caring. A perfect start of the day.
Bernadett Sz.
Bernadett S.
14:37 18 Nov 19
Booked a massage with Bernadett. Really great massage. Betty is professional and at the same time very charming.
Big Parksy
Big P.
07:51 17 Nov 19
As a professional , I have a lot of stress on daily basis and I need massage to desires and relax . I use Massage People now almost on weekly basis .Its a very reliable company and I highly recommend it .Many thanks
Dean D
Dean D
22:24 12 Nov 19
I’ve been using “The Massage People London” for a while now and can say hands down that they are fantastic! The various masseuses are all excellent and whilst I do have my favourite(s) – it is nice to be able to vary things and know that you are always going to be in safe hands. Booking is fast and efficient with the masseuse confirming the appointment by text within a few minutes normally and turning up promptly and professionally. I have no hesitation in recommending this great service to anyone living in or visiting London
Craig Heiro
Craig H.
20:51 12 Nov 19
I have been using MP for years and on the whole it’s been an amazing experience. Today I booked my wife a pregnancy massage with Livia and she was amazing and my wife thoroughly enjoyed. I have also used Livia a number of times and can’t recommend her enough.
Ad Har
Ad H.
18:21 10 Nov 19
The best massage I've had. The therapist (BERNADETT) really listened to what I wanted & found the areas in my back & neck that had knots. Was slightly sore afterwards (but was warned about this) & the day after it felt amazing & all the tension had completely gone. Therapist was very professional and experienced and made me feel comfortable. Great value for money. definitely recommend to anyone
Dorina Buzás
Dorina B.
18:48 09 Nov 19
Fantastic and relaxing massage from Alex; A great masseuse and a lovely girl to boot
Jonathan Fruin
Jonathan F.
16:08 09 Nov 19
Renata Gabryel
Renata G.
14:50 08 Nov 19
I have booked Livia; I had 90 min deep tissue massage with her and she was absolutely superb. Her pressure was spot on. I am a sports man and I needed a pressure on my muscles she did a great job, it was a well worth the money that I spend. Note: She was so friendly and nice lady.
Samet Aydın
Samet A.
22:09 07 Nov 19
I booked Monika a couple of months back to help me with a recurring lower back problem I had from the gym. Nothing but praise for her - really polite, friendly and quickly understood the pain I was in and how best to tackle it. Even gave me some takeaway stretches to help going forward. Highly recommend Monika - one of the best masseurs I’ve ever had.
Dan Wrigglesworth
Dan W.
18:28 07 Nov 19
Viktorija Savulionytė
Viktorija S.
15:33 07 Nov 19
Raminta Žvingilaitė
Raminta Ž.
15:02 07 Nov 19
Lady turned up. Met my partner (wife) at the door. The massage was for myself. I’m male. What initially seemed extremely inappropriate was the little pink lacy frilly short! shorts she had got changed into. Being familiar with using the company before. The masseause will arrive in their normal attire with it being cold outside and ask to get changed or where the bathroom is to get into something more appropriate to carry out the massage. The previous lady put on a t shirt and some sports leggings. But the lady who attended this evening, as previously mentioned, got into something highly unprofessional. Not only did it make myself feel uncomfortable it insulted my wife in our own home. During said massage there was friendly chit chat. At which stage she mentioned i should go to Romania as lots of lovely women there. To which i reminded im married. Clearly my wife was in the other room?! To which she said ‘you can always get divorced’. This is NOT what you’d want or expect when oaying for what is supposedly a professional service.The eastern european lady who all be it was very good who came on a previous massage booked had also mentioned she is not certified in massage. Which i let slide. But after this second incident. Left with a very distasteful feeling. A complaint was made through the companies email, to no avail. Review now left.BOOK ELSEWHERE
UK software 2019
UK software 2.
23:36 05 Nov 19
Very good, and most helpful
Yasin Korim
Yasin K.
14:50 05 Nov 19
The masseuse is not a masseuse, and the massage was not a massage. Rubbing oil into someone's body does not constitute a massage. And a real masseuse does not write whatsapp messages while massaging someone.
Toby G
Toby G
11:41 03 Nov 19
Staff are highly skilled, accommodating and friendly, services high quality too!
Ferguson Marksbury
Ferguson M.
14:38 24 Oct 19
Massage therapists here are just amazing. I'd give them 5 stars and 2 thumbs up for the service I've gotten here. Thank you very much to The Massage People for such an amazing experience
Glyn Eden
Glyn E.
12:34 24 Oct 19
Great ambiance, staff are highly trained and professional. Highly recommended!
Lindsey Outhwaite
Lindsey O.
10:14 24 Oct 19
Highly recommended place to those who need to be rejuvenated. Highly skilled workers and friendly as well.
Cris Bentham
Cris B.
09:41 24 Oct 19
I had a massage today it was fantastic just what I needed and value for money all day long thank you .
carl g
carl g
15:33 17 Oct 19
Very good service, professional platform and therapists, would recommend
O kb
O K.
15:54 16 Oct 19
One of the best massages I have ever had, Monika was just amazing, intuitive, and used just the right amount of pressure. Highly recommend!
18:45 15 Oct 19
Highly recommended mobile service. I used MP probably at least 50 times. Easy to book and efficient. With the exception of one unfortunate incident, all therapists showed up on time. MP is also the only agency in London with a sensible. The quality of therapists have also markedly improved over the last year.
Sait Erda
Sait E.
08:32 11 Oct 19
Very keen careful and professional staff. Excellent deep tissue massage.
Valentin Naumov
Valentin N.
22:12 10 Oct 19
Had a massage with Francesca, really enjoyed the massage. Will definitely book again
Swapnil Adsul
Swapnil A.
16:17 06 Oct 19
I have been using the massage people for a few years now and they definitely have the best therapists. I can Highly recommend
Tim O'Driscoll
Tim O.
15:40 02 Oct 19
Had a massage with Inma, would highly recommend. She takes her time to make sure you’re comfortable and enjoy a relaxing experience. Will definitely book again!
Aaron Gomez
Aaron G.
20:54 29 Sep 19
Just had a massage from Geri. Absolutely superb. Will be booking again very soon. Highly recommended.
david morris
david M.
16:56 24 Sep 19
Had a booking with Francesca .. Fantastic, brilliant and professional.
Michael Guy
Michael G.
17:00 22 Sep 19
Had a brilliant soothing and relaxing from Diana who seemed intuitively to know where my aches and pains were and they disappeared as if by magic Such a delightful, friendly person.
John Sacks
John S.
20:45 21 Sep 19
Patrick Mulherin
Patrick M.
07:50 15 Sep 19
Off The Beaten Path.
Off The Beaten P.
19:00 07 Sep 19
Jean-Charles Koch
Jean-Charles K.
13:35 02 Sep 19
Been using massage people for a while now. Its easy to use. The ladies are very friendly and some of the massages are out of this world. I have a few favourites.
W Mack
W M.
07:01 12 Aug 19
Had a great massage from Anka tonight. She's a top girl, very down to earth and easy to talk to. She was very attentive and polite and has some sort of magic hands. Don't listen to the naysayers, I Would thoroughly recommend!
Parvez Sobhkhiz
Parvez S.
14:30 05 Aug 19
Monika Eimanaviciute
Monika E.
11:47 05 Aug 19
As a regular customer I can say with confidence that this is the best massage company in London by some distance. Very reasonable rates, lovely therapists who are skilled, responsive management and super easy booking platform. A godsend for me after a hard days work!
Louis B
Louis B
22:26 02 Aug 19
alae eddin nahhal
alae eddin N.
19:30 28 Jul 19
I used The Massage People for the first time today. I was absolutely delighted with the whole experience. Straightforward to book, and good communication all round. Special mention and thanks to Inma. She is courteous, thoughtful and a world-class masseuse. Simply brilliant. I’ll definitely be returning!
20:04 27 Jul 19
Had a great massage from Inma. Was very stressed but she had a great manner and a magic touch. She got rid of all the knots and I felt totally relaxed after. Would recommend 100%!
Ross Stansfield
Ross S.
22:34 15 Jul 19
I have had 4 massages with the massage people. The website is very easy to use, the masseuses always keep on contact via text and have always arrived on time. The massage provided is always excellent.
Rob Adams
Rob A.
14:44 12 Jul 19
Have been using the massage people for well over a year now. Always great customer service, massage therapists are skilled, professional and on-time, and the on-line booking system is simple and easy to use. Highly recommended.
John Whalen
John W.
09:21 08 Jul 19
Much needed
Sanhita Athalye
Sanhita A.
17:53 22 Jun 19
Great masseuses! Very helpful website managers!
David Roper
David R.
08:30 15 Jun 19
Had an amazing massage from Anca. Booking system is very easy and had a masseuse over within an hour of booking!
Mandir and Garba London
Mandir and Garba L.
22:24 15 May 19
Just had a massage from Vera. She was absolutely brilliant and made me feel totally at ease. Best massage I've had in ages. She turned up early and was just a lovely person. Booking on the site was really easy too. Highly recommend.
Kim Hughes
Kim H.
22:16 27 Apr 19
Clean and friendly! Love the massage that comes with!
Ale Garcia
Ale G.
10:23 16 Feb 19
I have been working for The Massage People for almost 2 years. I have over 10 years experience of working as a mobile massage therapist and having worked for quite a few agencies, I must say this one is the best I've ever worked for/with.The Massage People has got an excellent booking system! I can't stress enough how many clients have complimented the company on how easy it is to make a booking.Additional to that, the company is run by very friendly and professional people who are always willing to assist with whatever issues may come up. I highly recommend working for this company!Sylwia
Sylwia Gumienna
Sylwia G.
10:15 29 Jan 19
great back, neck and shoulder massage. Felt really relaxed and stress free afterwards. Thanks
Val Morgan
Val M.
12:55 28 Dec 18
Richie Duliban
Richie D.
21:27 13 Sep 18
Had my first session today. I picked Vera and she was very good. She put nice music for me and focused on the spots I have problem with. Lovely full body massage, will definitely book again!
Cruenta Rogue
Cruenta R.
19:23 06 Jun 18
Spectacular, this was my second experience with this company and it was great. Anca, the therapist who came was very professional and experienced. She knew exactly where to insist more with the massage and what pressure to apply. The customer service very effective, in my first experience I had a small mishap and they solved it very quickly and in a very good way. I will certainly repeat soon!
Isa García
Isa G.
20:32 22 Apr 18
My masseuse Heather was lovely! Not only did I receive an excellent massage, I also had a lovely chat with her. Highly recommended 🙂
Selina Bilgin
Selina B.
21:02 16 Mar 18
Even though it started late it was worth it. Mirabella is really nice and very good.
Paris Jefferson
Paris J.
15:26 07 Sep 17
Staff had no skills, I wanted pregnancy massage and staff had no clue! Funny I had to instruct them every time!!
ravi tej
ravi T.
22:19 09 Aug 17
I am a massage therapist and decided to give the massage people a try. I am very happy. They are punctual , polite and my masssge ifrom Lina is excellent.
Michael Guest
Michael G.
06:11 06 Aug 17
Lina is a fantastic therapist, Always on time excellent at making you relaxed, knows exactly what she is doing, I certainly will book again.
08:50 03 Aug 17
Massage People are really professional and perfect for a self employed massage therapist such as myself. They are flexible so I could choose my own hours when to work, and received notifications of bookings with clear instruction and all necessary information provided. I am leaving as I have a job aboard a cruise ship but would recommend this agency to all massage therapists looking for flexible work and a high level of clientele.
11:01 23 Jul 17
I've booked 3 times now and it was excellent each time. I love the rewards program too. Highly recommend, they have great therapists and good cust services too. My appointment last night was particularly great for my poor shoulders, many thanks to Vera for her help!
Silver Zhao
Silver Z.
09:51 19 Jul 17
12:15 16 Jul 17
Totally recommend The Massage People! Great therapists, very friendly, professionals and always on time!
Larisa Comşa
Larisa C.
11:16 13 Jul 17
I had problems with my posture and Anca really helped get rid of knots in my back, worth every penny
Kay Armer
Kay A.
09:25 12 Jan 17
Would recommend this company to anyone, they always deliver, I book every time I'm staying in London
Luke Armer
Luke A.
09:25 12 Jan 17
I booked this from my phone and it only took about 20 seconds! Was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was, the massage was super and the therapist showed up right on time
Aude Eberlin
Aude E.
13:51 11 Jan 17

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