Home Massage London VS Spa Massage London

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Home Massage London vs Spa Massage London

London is a huge sprawling metropolis with an abundance of places to go and things to do. It’s also exhausting sometimes due to the sheer intensity of life in this bustling urban jungle, it can be truly relentless. With so much available in the city and good public transport to get us around, why do we still often prefer to stay at home and have things brought to us. Would you rather go to a fancy restaurant and get dressed up, or sit at home in your slob clothes and order take away? That probably depends on your mood. However, when it comes to massage it’s surely a no brainer. Mobile massage London makes way more sense and is surely much more relaxing in general than going to a salon or spa.

Choose Home Massage London
and avoid London’s Transport

This is the most obvious reason to choose mobile massage in London, you can avoid the lottery that is London’s tube network. Sometimes it’s fine, other times it can be painfully slow and unreliable, not to mention packed and stressful. With some of the best mobile massage London has to offer costing just £50 all in, why on earth would you put yourself through all that. You can book a massage in your home in seconds, without even needing to make a phone call.

The Post Home Massage Nap VS The Hassle Of The Journey Home

So, you’ve just had your massage, you’re probably in a state of bliss. The natural thing to do is sleep for a little while. Your muscles are relaxed, your heart rate is low, what would you rather? A nap or a trip across the city! This would appear to be an easy choice, particularly when you consider the fact that a Home Massage London costs less than a spa massage. A massage at the spa means you need to shower off all that oil. Then get dressed and head out into the city to get home. Not exactly ideal for after your massage.

Set the tone yourself

Having a massage at home also gives you the ability to be in complete control your surroundings. While the spa is usually plush and luxurious, with dimmed lights and relaxing music playing, it’s not necessarily for everyone though. At home you can close the curtains, open them, light candles, whatever you want. If you have incense you can burn some to enjoy during your massage. Or if you want you can burn your favorite scented candle instead. There are so many options.

The Dress Code

If you’re heading out to the spa you’ll probably want to look decent, therefore, effort will certainly be required to dress up and make yourself presentable before you head out for your massage. If you have a mobile massage at home though, you can essentially do as you please. Again, one point for mobile massage as far as convenience and practicality go. You can stay in your slob pants without having to spend an age getting ready.


It’s not a difficult decision, stay home and book a London Mobile Massage today!