Mobile Massage London and Magnesium

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Mobile Massage London and Magnesium

The Massage People already provide the most fantastic Mobile Massage London has to offer. However, we have a tip for making the effects of our mobile massage even more beneficial.

The benefits of having a mobile massage delivered straight to your London home or hotel would seem obvious. Perhaps the main one is the practical convenience of not having to go out and exert
yourself by simply getting to and from the salon or spa.

What are the health benefits?

Having your massage at home allows you to do a few things immediately after your massage that will aid your body greatly. These are things you couldn’t necessarily do if you didn’t have a mobile massage and instead went to a spa or salon.

Our post mobile massage london tip involves a certain ancient mineral that will have wondrous effects on your health and general well being. This ancient mineral is called magnesium, and it has truly amazing powers, particularly when paired up with a mobile massage.

About magnesium and how it works well with a mobile massage

Widespread acknowledgement of the massive reduction of magnesium in our diets have made this mineral perhaps the most important nutrient to supplement with. London is a great big concrete jungle as we know. It’s fast paced and often stressful, so we often eat ‘on the go’. The problem with this is that most ‘on the go’ food has very poor nutritional value. It might fill us up for a while, but it’s not giving our bodies the nourishment it needs. As a result, most people suffer from a deficiency.

Interestingly, when we look at the scientifically proven benefits of magnesium intake they mirror those of massage. Particularly deep tissue massage. These are follows:

– Increased REM sleep
– Reduced muscle aches and inflammation
– Improved stress management
– Increased energy levels, better mood
– Bettered athletic performance

Applying it after your mobile massage

So, imagine you’ve just had a massage at home. Your mobile massage therapist has massaged your muscles, soothing them, releasing toxins and lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, what do you do? Double down! By applying some transdermal magnesium and going straight to sleep for a little while, you will wake up feeling like another person, totally brand new.

At the end of your massage you ask your massage therapist to dry you off and massage some transdermal magnesium into your skin. The reason why we recommend asking your mobile massage therapist to apply the magnesium to your skin is simple. Most ingested magnesium supplements are all but useless due to their poor absorption rate. By applying it to the skin, it will be fully absorbed by your body which will allow it to work it’s magical powers on you!

Great for athletes

It is particularly recommended for those who are physically active, in particular for those who lift weights. We all know that feeling after leg day, walking around like Bruce Wayne for the next 48 hours and not being able to walk down steps or move without feeling severe discomfort. Massage is excellent for easing your discomfort and actively aiding your muscle recovery and adding magnesium to that equation can dramatically reduce that period of soreness.

One the challenges you face as you get older is that your body becomes less efficient at absorbing important macro minerals. Therefore, it’s important that we take care of ourselves better. Having regular massage, particularly mobile massage, will absolutely aid your health and can slow down the ageing process. Supplementing regular mobile massages with magnesium  will help you achieve longer periods of REM sleep and will increase your ability to relax and manage stress

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