Duration (Mon - Fri)
07:00AM - 07:00PM
(Mon - Fri)
07:00PM - 23:30PM
(Sat - Sun)
07:00AM - 23:30PM
60 minutes £68 £74 £74
90 minutes £96 £99 £99
120 minutes £135 £140 £140
60 minutes 90 minutes 120 minutes
£60 £75 £100

How Massages Are Performed

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When you book your massage you will be asked if you need your therapist to bring a treatment table with them. Before selecting this option you should ensure that you have sufficient space in your room for not only the treatment table, but also for the therapist to be able to move around it while performing the massage. When your session is over your therapist will then simply take the treatment table with them. The best way to receive massage.

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While many of our therapists do carry portable massage tables, some prefer not to due to the table size and weight. Many of our customers also don't have room in their spaces for a fold-out table. In these cases, our therapists will perform the massage on the customer's bed, this way everyone can experience the benefits of massage! All massages are strictly therapeutic and professional.