Visiting Massage London and Stress Relief

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Visiting Massage London. Stress Relief.

Visiting massage london and how it helps with stress. Stress goes hand in hand with living in a big city. While London throws plenty of excitement at us, it also has it’s drawbacks which lead to stress. A mobile visiting massage london is one of many tools you can use to fight that stress though. Stress isn’t all bad, in fact it’s a natural response which can help our survival instincts. Whenever you feel anxious before an important meeting, or slam on the brakes in time to avoid a crash, stress is always doing its job. For our ancestors, stress was also a way to trigger fat storage. This was because the primary source of stress was due to worries about future shortages of food. Today, while food, or at least what we now call food, is abundant. However, the principle remains the same, money problems or worrying about about careers triggers this same response concerning our ability to provide for ourselves and our ‘tribe’. Having a mobile massage really helps reduce this stress.

What are the health benefits of a visiting massage London?

Having a mobile massage in London allows us to drift off during our mobile massage into almost meditative state. Not to mention the fact that mobile massage relaxes our muscles and lowers our hearts rates. Mobile massage is more effective at doing these things because we are receiving the mobile massage at home in more comfortable surroundings. When there’s no relief from stress, the sustained physical response described above can cause serious problems. Stress always causes physical symptoms such as elevated blood pressure, problems sleeping, stomach problems and skin problems too. Research suggests that stress also lead to certain diseases. So, having a mobile massage in the comfort of your own home can literally be a life saver, or least contribute to this.

How can mobile massage reduce my stress levels

Virtually every symptom listed can benefit from a visiting massage London. Research has shown that it can reduce your heart rate as well as your blood pressure. Mobile massage London also relaxes your muscles and increases production of certain endorphins, which are essentially your body’s “feel good”, or happy chemical. Serotonin and dopamine are also released through during your visiting massage, and the result is a feeling of bliss and total calm. The way in which you drift off is also very similar to meditation in many ways, which is excellent for your mental health . Overall, stress relief is perhaps the primary benefit that comes to mind when thinking of visiting massage therapy.

How can I book a visiting massage

Even our mobile massage London booking system is designed to reduce stress. To book your mobile massage, you don’t need to call us or exert yourself in any way, just flick through our live therapist availability and choose the one you want, then with a few clicks you’ll have a mobile massage therapist at home before you know it. So ahead and treat yourself to a mobile massage at home, it’s genuinely good for you!