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Why Work as a Mobile Massage Therapist?

There are many benefits to working as a mobile massage therapist. One of the most prominent of which is that you are in control of your own working hours. The flexibility of the mobile massage industry means that people can fit it in around their other commitments. This is why it is such a great career choice for parents, those who have caring responsibilities and those who have personal lives that preclude them from working a standard 9 to 5. Whether you want to work full- or part-time, weekdays or weekends, the hours and days you chose are down to you.

Another benefit of working as a mobile massage therapist is the friendly nature of the clients that you will encounter. Getting a massage is a treat to them and they will be looking forward to their session with you. Anyone who has worked in customer services previously will know that irate or rude customers can spoil your working day like nothing else. This problem does not exist within the massage industry because clients appreciate the value of a massage therapist and will treat them with respect.

Likewise, the types of clients that you will meet are distinct to the mobile aspect of the job. Unlike traditional spas that are frequented by local people, mobile massage requests tend to come from people who are in Manchester or London for a short amount of time. This means that the range of people you will meet is much wider and it makes it more interesting than standard massage work.

A lot of mobile massage therapists also report that their job has taught them how to easily transform a room into a more comfortable and relaxing space. The mobile element of this work means that hotel rooms and even office spaces have to be quickly turned into places of utter relaxation. Massage therapists quickly become experts in changing small details to have a big impact. This skill comes in very useful, both at work and at home!

And, finally, it would not be possible to talk about the benefits of working as a mobile masseur without mentioning the pay. You want to make sure those massage training courses and professional massage courses are going to be worth the investment! The standard hourly rate is very good and clients often top this up with generous tips. It can therefore be said that a career as a mobile masseur is a rewarding one that combines flexibility, a positive and diverse work environment, the opportunity to learn transferable skills, and a good pay packet. With all of this on offer, what are you waiting for?