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Why Us?


Fairer Commission

We take less commission per booking
than any other mobile massage
provider in London


Total Flexibility

Work on your own terms with the
freedom to choose when and
where you're available for bookings


Safety First

Your wellbeing is our top priority
so the app is loaded with features
designed to keep you safe


Great Support

Our support staff are always on
hand to deal with any issues that
might arise when you're on the job

Therapist Rates

For more information about how the treatment table option works click here

Duration (Mon - Fri)
07:00AM - 07:00PM
(Mon - Fri)
07:00PM - 23:30PM
(Sat - Sun)
07:00AM - 23:30PM
60 minutes £50 £55 £55
90 minutes £70 £75 £75
120 minutes £100 £105 £105
60 minutes 90 minutes 120 minutes
£37.50 £47.50 £65.00

*Rates are NET take-home pay after commission

Your Questions Answered

The app has various safety features to give you peace of mind while you work. For example, you can view the customers booking history and there is even an option to check in to your bookings. Once you've checked in to a booking an alert will be triggered and sent to our support team if you fail to check out on time, at which point they will reach out immediuatley to make sure you're OK.

Customers have to provide their credit card info when they book, which our software then checks against a large network used by other businesses. Customers must also pass their bank's separate authentication check to complete any payment as well, which helps verify their identity.

The app has a built in messaging system that allows you to message customers and vice verca. If you need to call a customer you can also do this via the app. Your personal contact info is therefore never revealed to the customer.

Support is available during all working hours from our dedicated support team. There is a support tab on the app which lets you instantly chat with us should you need any help. Support staff can also call you if the matter is urgent.

Parking or transport costs are essentially included in the rate that we charge the customer.

You are paid weekly by bank transfer. Every Monday you also receive a fully itemized invoice with a full breakdown of each booking, fee and commission. You can download your invoices from the app as well if you wish and there is also a stats tab that let's you keep track of your earnings.

Yes. customers can tip, re-book or add you to their favourites list after the booking. When a customer tips you the app will send you a notification and the tip will be added to your invoice and included in your next weekly pay.

When you set your availability you’re committing to being available at that time. Reliability is very important and therapists who cancel bookings can have their agreements terminated. In some cases cancellations will be beyond your control and this is of course taken into consideration.

We require a copy of your ID and proof of address. You should also provide any certificates or documentation relevent to your professional qualifications as well. All of these can be uploaded via the app during the onboarding process.

After you've performed a treatment the customer is sent an automated feedback request email and asked to review you on the app. You can read your reviews under your profile tab and they are visible to all customers once published. If a review violates our review policy it can be elligible for removal.

No, there's no minimum or maximum availability requirment you need to meet.

Yes you can.

The treatment table is optional. Many customers and therapists alike prefer this arrangment for various reasons. For example, some therapists prefer this as it means they don't have to carry the table on public transport. Also, many customers don't have space for a table or need to move furniture before and after their treatment. All of our treatments are strictly therapeutic in nature.

The Registration Process

Becoming a massage provider with us is a swift and straightforward process; After submitting your application our team will get in touch for a brief introductory call. During this call we'll try to get to know a bit more about you and your professional background, as well as answer any questions you may have for us.

Then, assuming both parties are happy to proceed, we'll arrange a face to face meeting and induction which involves a short app demo and taking your profile picture. A half hour trade test is also done at this stage, however, in some cases it may not be required depending on your experience and what professional certification you can provide.

Once you get started we will work with you continuously to ensure you're getting the most out of our platform.